Founder of Euprog, passionate software expert with more than 10 years of experience. Loves taking part in meetups, doing networking and always learning new technologies. Happy to be a part of Euprog, where the dev team can follow and implement the latest technologies, and where enough focus is put on quality and testing. This allows Euprog team to build robust and stable applications.


Founder of Euprog Infra, partner of Euprog. Senior DevOp and system engineer with over 10 years of experience. Worked in many different fields, always with a strong focus on reliability, scalability and clustering. Participated in the research group of Parallel Computing at the Vienna University of Technology for many years. Open minded to new technologies and ideas, and always on a journey to find and craft the perfect system and network solution. In his free time he is passionate about cars and is a full-time dad of two crazy cats.


Founder of Noviprog, partner of Euprog. Software expert with more than 15 years of experience. Educated in the field of electronics and robotics, later moved to web technologies, and always eager to learn. Mainly focusing on product specification and organizing the development. Proud of Euprog’s fast learning dev team producing high quality and well tested applications with passion.


After spending over nine years bending Java to his will, Aron still enjoys learning new ways to improve and automate his workflow and providing a repeatable, reliable and remarkable customer experience.


Full stack software developer with 3 years of experience in the field, who is always looking for new challenges. Enjoys working on both backend and frontend, as well as with mobile technologies. Guiding and mentoring an agile team. Always there to lend a helping hand. Motorsport is his second love.


Holder of a Master’s Degree in Economics, with more than ten years of professional experience in corporate finance, primarily controlling and financial analysis. Besides numbers, she is also interested in history and fine arts.


Graphic designer with a background in business consulting. 5+ years experience with design software, including Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, etc. Skilled in all areas of graphic and web design, such as: UI/UX design, Mobile app design, Web application design, Web graphics (banners/icons), Brochure Design, Business Cards, Logo Design, etc.


Product and sales manager for over 10 years. Working in both sales department and on development of a CMS system for creating custom websites and web shops. Exceptional in cooperation and delivering high quality experiences for clients. Providing technical support when needed and enriching the company’s portfolio with each satisfied customer.


Freelance software engineer with over 10 years of experience in working at both small startups and large organizations. Keen on solving real customer problems and keeping up with newly introduced technologies. Always improving development and communication processes, as well as keeping a positive attitude. Ernő’s solutions are best described as simple and elegant.


Graphic designer with 5 years of experience. This website is also done by him.


Quality-Assurance Engineer and Software Developer since 2018. Loves to improve processes and challenge his abilities. Considers a good working atmosphere and chemistry among team members key elements for a well-rounded project. Always happy to assist others. Prefers to be as prepared as possible and leave nothing to chance.


IT infrastructure engineer with 10 years of experience. Expert of IT system operations on Windows platform.


Software developer since 2018. Skilled in C++, Qt, QML and Python. Mostly worked on cross-platform development, and passionate about constant improvement and innovation. In his spare time he likes to enjoy, as well as create music.


Experienced full-stack developer. Programming with C# language for desktop and QT, C/C++ language for desktop & mobile platforms since 2005. In his spare time, he enjoys game engine programming and game design.

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