Team lead

Imre Takacs

Specialized in assisting managing directors with their IT needs to propel company success and increase revenue. With a solid background in software engineering developed during a tenure at Siemens in Vienna, the realization dawned that corporate life was not in alignment with personal aspirations. Embracing change, a transition into freelance development was made.

During the time as a freelancer, there was the privilege of working with a variety of companies, unveiling a significant demand for seasoned software experts. This insight was the catalyst for founding Euprog, a venture committed to delivering innovative solutions for pressing IT challenges.

Currently, taking pride in the role as the driving force of business development at Euprog, where new partnerships are actively fostered and leading the forefront in addressing clients’ IT issues.

Markus Leitner

Introducing Markus, the visionary founder of Euprog Infra and esteemed partner of Euprog. As a seasoned Senior DevOp and system engineer boasting over a decade of rich industry experience, Markus has carved a niche for himself in various domains. His expertise lies in ensuring unparalleled reliability, scalability, and clustering in every project he undertakes.

With an impressive tenure in the research group of Parallel Computing at the Vienna University of Technology, Markus has consistently been at the forefront of technological innovation. His open-minded approach to new technologies and ideas sets him apart, as he embarks on an unending quest to design and develop the ultimate system and network solutions.

Beyond his professional realm, Markus is an avid car enthusiast, blending his passion for engineering with the thrill of the road. His life is further enriched by the joy and hustle of being a dedicated full-time dad to two lively cats. At Euprog Infra, Markus embodies the spirit of innovation and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Zsolt Szabo

Meet Zsolt, the dynamic founder of BCool and a key partner at Euprog. With over 15 years of experience, Zsolt is a distinguished software expert, whose journey began in the realms of electronics and robotics. His insatiable curiosity led him to the world of web technologies, where he has continually expanded his expertise.

Zsolt stands out as a seasoned architect and technical visionary, primarily concentrating on product specification and orchestrating development processes. His deep technical acumen and architectural proficiency enable him to seamlessly translate complex requirements into effective solutions.

He takes immense pride in leading Euprog’s exceptionally fast-learning development team. Under his guidance, they are known for producing high-quality, meticulously tested applications infused with passion and precision. Zsolt’s leadership at Euprog is a testament to his commitment to excellence, innovation, and the continual pursuit of knowledge.

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