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the software and devops company

Build your successful IT product with us

DACH specialist

We celebrate 8+ years co-creation with our DACH region customers

German makes it easy

You can reach our software experts in German.

Start with zero risk

We guarantee 100% payback for our services

Free consultation

Take advantage of our free consultation session.

Ways to scale your business with us

Custom product development

"I have a product/app idea and I'm looking for a development team"


"I have a development team but I need additional external resource"​

Software upgrade

"I have an outdated product and I want to keep up with the competition"​

Our network is special

We are an international team of freelancers and employees. The team stands of software developers, UI designers, testers and agile managers. Our goals are quality and productivity. We can achieve this goal through remote working, flexible working hours and with a friendly atmosphere.

Have a project in mind? Let's talk.

Our tech-stack

We mainly focus on web-based applications, where the application is simply accessible from the web browser, without prior installation.

React | React Native | Node JS | Docker | TypeScript/JavaScript | Redis | GIT | Scrum

For desktop and performant critical applications we use QT

C++ | QT | QML

Our clients praise us for great results.

Get in touch

    You can call us right now at
    +43 699 10824720
    or write an email to
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